PathX LIS Earns High Marks From

Dr. Keith Kaplan, pathologist, of recently had a chance to demo the PathX LIS  mobile application on his 4G iPad 3. Frequent readers of his site know he is a fan of cloud computing, hosted services and/or software or SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, web-based computing. The PathX LIS mobile application underwent thorough testing by Dr. Kaplan and a detailed review was recently posted on An excerpt from the post can be seen below.

"Recently I had a chance to take a look at a hosted LIS available as a mobile application on my 4G iPad 3 from PathX. A little skeptical of actually signing out cases from my iPhone or iPad, I assumed a very rudimentary experience that would look nothing like a conventional worklist-driven solution to present cases for review and signature. Instead what I saw was just that - worklist of cases pending signature and release in the palm of my hand.

Once you launch the application, you are presented with your worklist of completed cases which you can select, preview and verify. Within the application is some other functionality including a Twitter feed from the vendor as well as Dark Daily updates, ability for clients to order supplies and some setting controls that are user defined. Considering the value proposition of digital pathology, that one is no longer tethered to their microscope, their histology laboratory, and now their LIS, the added functionality of mobile review and signout facilitates a critical component of "anytime, anywhere" review AND signout.

This technology raises a major question in my mind, namely, what/where constitutes the point of service, a critical component of CLIA regulations in terms of "where the pathologist was sitting when he/she made the diagnosis". Legitimately, this could still have been in a professional office setting with a CLIA license when the diagnosis was rendered, dictated and transcribed. The act of verifying/certifying that report as accurate may or may not be another matter. More on this in a subsequent post.

In the meantime, if you are in the market for an LIS solution and considering a hosted solution, consider PathX, with the added functionality of mobile sign-out."

To read the entire post from Dr. Keith Kaplan, please visit the following site:

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